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Leeds Arts Council

Background: I was tasked with bringing a new identity to an existing non-profit company, the Leeds Arts Council. The purpose of the rebrand was to give the company a cohesive and concrete visual identity that would support the mission and future of the community-focused company.

Design core: I designed a modern, clean, and strong geometric logo that gave the company a firm foundation to build off. All the while maintaining the warmth and personality of the organization through the subtle glyphs in typography and use of warm colors inspired by the natural area surrounding the company.

Favorite Details: The simplicity of a geometric-driven logo gives the brand lots of versatility to expand and develop branding deliverables in the future, and the colors can be used in lots of different combinations that are visually pleasing and align with the brand identity.

Time constraints: The design and development of this project was completed in four weeks, with the majority of the time refining and developing a clear, concise logomark that would stand the test of time and make an immediate impact on the company’s overall brand image.

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