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Monarch Espresso Bar

Background: I was given the opportunity to refresh the brand image of a beloved local coffee shop. The job was to give the shop a new logo and brand identity that more closely aligned with the company’s culture, customer base, and future of growth.

Design core: I developed a logomark with a classic and trustworthy feel that is easily applicable across many deliverables. I chose colors that helped support the overall culture of friendliness, dependability, and quality craft coffee, while leaving condescension at the door.

Favorite Details: The script logo mark brings a modern twist to a timeless aesthetic approach and gives a trustworthy feel to a company that prides itself on community, hospitality, and quality.

Time constraints: The design and development process from start to finish took just under twelve weeks with multiple stages of revisions to ensure that the brand would be timeless and supportive of such a pillar of the local community that the coffee shop is.

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